Social Media Content Strategies: Opportunities, DO’s & DONTs

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As the world grapples with the pandemic of Covid-19, social media content strategies have become an essential tool for communication and information sharing. However, it also brings a lot of opportunities to market your products and services. As more people are on social media websites right now, it is important to select the right strategies to maximize your efforts.

Here are some tips, do's, and don't to help you in creating a content strategy that can take advantage of social media platforms:

What opportunities can social media bring now?

Here are some of the opportunities social media can bring to the table right now!

1. Lead Generation

Social media is an opportunity to listen, engage and connect. Marketers are now tracking their target audience's conversations on social networks to learn more about what they like and dislike. This can be useful to determine the best message for your products or services.

2. Product Launch with Social media content strategies

The increasing number of social media users provides a great opportunity to get exposure and buzz around new products or services. By creating posts that can generate interest, you will increase your reach and engage more people. Create a coherent social media strategy across various social media channels, measure the results and take corrective actions when necessary.

3. More exposure

It is the perfect time to promote your business and services to more people as they are all gathered in one place. Hence, by engaging different social media users, you will generate traffic and promote your brand.

4. Brand Development

By closely monitoring and engaging different social media users, you will discover trends that can affect your brand. Once you know how people think about your products or services, you can adjust them accordingly. You can also learn more about your audience by listening to their conversations.

5. This is the ideal time for marketing campaigns

Now is the time for marketers to step up their efforts and engage on social media platforms. This can help them develop strategies that will attract more people and generate more traffic and leads. They can also determine new ways of promoting their products and services too!

Do's and Don'ts for a Content Strategy

To get more from your content strategy, here are some do's and don'ts you should follow right now:


1. Keep your content short: It is important to keep your content and posts short and sweet as most social media users juggle other tasks. As this may affect their attention span, too, it will be helpful to write clear and concise messages.

2. Take advantage of relevant keywords: Once in a while, you should check your content for relevant keywords that will help you increase your reach and visibility. Keywords can also help acquire new customers, which is one of the goals of any business owner.

3. Use images and videos to add more value: Social media users love images and videos by adding color and life to textual posts. You can create unique images or videos to engage more people and share your products with interested individuals.

4. Be consistent: You should be consistent with the content you post about your products and services. This will help social media users learn more about them and share or recommend them to their friends!


1. Don't go crazy with the hashtags: Using too many hashtags can confuse the readers, making it hard for them to understand your message. You can use relevant hashtags if you want, but keep them low and only use a few. Using too many hashtags also ruins your post's visuals.

2. Don't ignore comments: Engaging in conversations with social media users is important as this helps you build trust and establish a connection with them. You should also thank them for sharing your posts and continue the conversation by responding to their comments.

3. Don't copy and paste: Keeping your content original is very important. You should create one that is unique and different from others. Your message must be clear, engaging, and able to give more value to your audience too. Don't copy and paste messages as it will only waste your time.

4. Don't try to sell all the time: One of the biggest mistakes business owners make is trying to sell their products and services in every post. This often leads to boring messages that will turn readers off too. You should engage your followers before pushing your product or service on them.


Due to covid, people can't get out of their homes as much as they used to. They are all gathered on social media platforms, too, waiting for something interesting to happen. By engaging different social media users and developing Social media content strategies, you will generate more traffic and promote your brand better too! Good luck!

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